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    Build to Spec / Lens custom design

    The Optical Elements department designs and produces optical elements and systems, tailored to each customer’s requirements. Optical & Electromechanically Design

    Temmek optics “builds to spec” for over 30 years according to customer specifications and needs. Plane, spherical and aspheric surfaces are all within the range of our capabilities. Accuracy and quality are common practice at Temmek Optics, as well as short delivery time.
    Temmek Optics Ltd. is unique in its ability to satisfy any non-standard, complex requirement in terms of size, shape and material.
    With the aim of completing the cycle and delivering its trademark quality components, Temmek assigns every process to its unique Quality Assurance laboratory for detailed testing using interferometry and holographic procedures and other testing equipment.

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    Build to Print

    Temmek offers a complete solution for all your optical elements requirements. Lenses, windows, mirrors and prisms, whether are spherical, aspherical or diffractive. Temmek supports all wavebands: DUV, UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR. Challenge us with special requirements for special elements: multispectral coatings, special mirrors etc.
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    Turn Key

    Temmek offers solutions for your optical assemblies requirements. We will produce the optical and the mechanical elements, assemble and test per your requirement. We can also support up to class 100 clean room environment. Whether it is in IR or other wave lengths, we can produce you zoom objectives, assemble and calibrate to the suitable detector and run the complete testing.
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    Off the Shelf – Products

    Manufacturing of lenses for thermal imaging, for LWIR, MWIR and multispectral (combinations between SWIR, MWIR and LWIR (suitable for cooled and uncooled thermal imaging detectors.

    Temmek can customize our off the shelf products to customer’s needs. This may include optical benches, thermal camera adaptation, FOV settings and more.

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    Opto-Mechanical Design

    Our R&D team uses state-of-the art, computerized design backed up by over 30 years of experienced optical designers and Opto- mechanical engineers. We offer a full turnkey design and manufacturing service.
    From idea to implementation Temmek optics designs, manufactures and verifies performance. Dealing with wide range of materials: from polymers to crystals.