Temmek Optics Ltd.

Temmek Optics Ltd. is active in the design and manufacture of LWIR and MWIR lenses. Temmek’s Infrared Lens line includes continuous zoom, discrete zoom and fixed focus lens assemblies.  Temmek’s products are designed to operate with cooled and uncooled detectors, with a fast customization to the customer’s detector, both optically and mechanically.

Temmek holds the manufacturing technologies in-house, both mechanical and optical, which gives Temmek an intimate know how in the manufacturing and assembly of optical assemblies.  This expertise is incorporated into Temmek’s designs, and allows for very short time to market of prototypes, and a swift prototype to production transition.

As part of the Gal Shvav Industrial Group, Temmek has close access to complementary industries, and a vast manufacturing capacity.  The Gal Shvav Group has strong abilities in the design and manufacturing of electro optical assemblies, including precise metal machining, and class 1000 clean room assemblies.

Temmek has a wide range of existing lenses suitable for both cooled and uncooled detectors that may support both defense and commercial thermal camera systems produced by our customers. Temmek also specializes in “build to spec” and “full turnkey solutions” of specialized lens requirements, and thus can meet a wide spectrum of lenses for diverse applications.

Reaching beyond classical optical machining, Temmek has created a niche in its ability to tailor very special parts, in uncompromising standards of precision, quality and timely delivery. Compliance with ISO 9001, MIL-I-45208A and other environmental standards. Temmek’s sterling reputation has been built on its ability to integrate both optical and machined parts to satisfy any non-standard, complex requirement in terms of size, shape and material.

Temmek’s tailored components can be found worldwide in advanced complex thermal imaging systems, with added value and innovation creating a competitive advantage. Serving leading edge technology clients worldwide, such as Defense providers  for Land, Maritime and Aviation Applications, both for commercial and defense markets.